Chef Ryan Weaver


Chef Ryan Weaver was born and raised in Lancaster, PA. His passion for cooking began as a young boy helping his mother cook weekly meals for the family. At age 20, he made his way into the restaurant industry beginning as a waiter and bartender. Ryan's first job as a cook was in Wilmington, NC where he started as a pizza cook, soon rising to general manager of the now infamous Slice of Life. His desire to hone his craft in the kitchen drove him to apply and work in many of the best restaurants in the city of Wilmington, eventually rising to the position of Executive Chef.

Ryan then moved to Ashville, NC to be closer to his son. It is there that he met Chef Tyler Slade, and they worked aside one another at the top rated restaurant Posana. Chef Tyler moved to Beaufort and opened 10 Market a chef's kitchen. Shortly thereafter, Tyler contacted his friends and fellow chef to join him at 10 Market. Working side by side for the past 2 years, Ryan continued to hone his craft and develop into the style of chef he wanted to be. The Wandering Chef will specialize in modern American, sustainable cuisine. 

Chef Ryan
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