About Us


“The Chef Who Wanders Never Goes Hungry”


Our vison is simple; Love where you live, learn about the traditions and the bounty that the Low Country has to offer while experiencing our staff’s ambition to create a unique and modern dining experience. Embracing the ingredients of the past, Chef strives to provide a personal table-side experience with an ongoing dialogue, explanation, and inspiration of each dish.  We are the Wandering Chef for a reason!  We do not have permanent location, and embrace holding pop-up events to accentuate other small businesses that share our passion of local and progressive arts.



We specialize in providing a unique dining experience from the comfort of your own home. We will come to you, and Chef Ryan will design a menu to suit your flavor profile. You can sit back and relax, we will take care of all the details; From beverage pairings, to setup and ambiance, full service, and clean up. From intimate dinners to; “Backyard BBQ’s”, Cooking classes, Buffet or plated catering, or just Hors d’ ourves for a gathering of friends and family. From casual to sophisticated, The Wandering Chef can meet your needs and you have the confidence of supporting your local small business economy.